Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Great Dane 'Weathered' Polymer Clay Pendant

The pendant is hand crafted and depicts a Great Dane created by using my handmade stamp of a Great Dane in profile. The pendant is made from blue polymer clay highlighted with acrylic paints in brown and gold and varnish sealed for protection. At the top of the pendant, on the bail sits a blue glass chip.

Approximate size of the pendant is 1-3/4" long (bail to bottom) x 3/4" wide.

Friday, February 19, 2010

This is great for Etsy but.....

....maybe not so great for the artist who created this work. This article was in my local newspaper this past weekend and it was about remodeling your home. Under the photo of this lovely artwork it said "Etsy art perks up walls but won't break the bank" -- no mention of who the artwork is from. So is this a good thing or a bad thing or a 'not such a big deal' kind of thing? I mean it's great for Etsy that they mention the site, but it may not bring a sale to this particular artist, but it may for another. So what are your thoughts on this, would it bother you at all to have your work show up in an ad with no mention of your shop?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A few favorites Dachshunds

Just a few of my favorite Doxie pieces. They are just the cutest dogs. My sister's doctor has two of them and they're always in the office coming out to great us with a wag of the tail.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Pomeranian - Lil Prince Polymer Clay Dog Pendant

I've just put this little guy back in my shop. It is a pendant that depicts a hand-sculpted black Pomeranian, studded with small silver beads around the side edges of the pendant and larger silver studs at side top and side bottom with the words 'lil prince' at the top. Varnish sealed.

Approximate size of the pendant is 1-3/4" long (bail to bottom) x 3/4" wide.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Etsy Featured Blogger - TiLTCreations

It's time to showcase our featured Etsy blogger and this month it goes to TiLTcreations, a shop with various handmade wristlets and bags . Below is just a sample of my favorites that are available in her shop! You might like to stop by her other shop tilttoo for some great patterns or check out her blog to see what she's up to creatively.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

All Natural Dog Treats

Lena received a couple of doggy treat packages from our friends over at DogTimeMedia and she got to try some new snacks this week and she absolutely loves them and so do I. She was so excited, she didn't know which one to try first.

So she went through the box and decided to try the Chicken Tenders Healthy Hips and Joints first. Not only are these tasty treats, but they are really good for an older dog like Lena. Since she's been getting older Lena has trouble getting up when she's lying down and these treats are full of glucosamine and chondroitin, which are good for hips and joints and helps to rebuild and maintain cartilage in dogs.

Next Lena tried the Duck and Sweet Potato Twists, yummy!! Not only does she love these treats, but they are all natural and easy on her tummy, which is great for me because usually everything Lena eats gets her tummy upset, but these snacks don't upset her at all! So Lena loves the taste and I love the fact that they are a good, healthy snack for her, there is no added salt, sorbitol, preservatives, glycerin or artificial flavors. If you'd like more information on these snacks and all the natural ingredients stop by Vitalife and check them out!
And as you can see Lena gives these treats a glowing review (as she waits for another one)!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Maltese Polymer Clay Dog in the Rose Garden

Here's my latest sculpture in my shop. This little Maltese sits on a white heart cutout. She is holding a pink rose in her mouth and as she picked it some petals fell all around here. She hangs from silvertone chains that hang from three posts that run through the base of the heart. They are attached with faux pearls and end in polymer clay roses and silvertone beads. The three chains come together at the the top with a loop for hanging.

The sculpture is handmade from polymer clay and varnish sealed for protection. It can either be hung by the chains or the chains can be removed and it can be placed in a favorite spot.

Afghan Hound Cameo

Afghan Hound Cameo
Afghan Hound etched into clay and set in brass setting

Greyhound in Profile Etched Pendant

Greyhound in Profile Etched Pendant
Greyhound in Profile Etched Pendant


Etched in Pink


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