Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's All In The Eyes

The eyes do say so much in art and these beautiful pieces are wonderful examples of just how much they do express a feeling! The eyes in each of these artworks set off their own unique emotion. Do you enjoy the eyes in artwork; do they speak to you?

Boston Terrier Dog Art - dogartstudio

Golden Butterflies Blonde Buttferly Fairy - strangeling

Cat Show Painting - paintingsbyjude

Nightmare Faces - elizavella

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Bloggers

Here's a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope this day finds you all happy, healthy and full to the brim with family, friends and good cheer!

Something for kitty:

Organic Catnip Pumpkin Pie - CatzillaCrafts

Something for you:

Thanksgiving Charm Bracelet - poetsummer

And then after the Thanksgiving feast, something for your senses as you relax in a nice warm tub with kitty by your side resting peacefully:

Pecan Pie Scented Votive Candles

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and friends and all of your four-legged, furry friends (the bestest of friends)!

Australian Terrier gets a walk from Snowman Christmas Ornament

This sweet Aussie has handed over her leash to the snowman. For some reason she believes this little snowman is going to take her for a nice, long Christmas winter walk.

The Aussie lays on a gingerbread colored heart cutout with a snowman. There is a chain leash connected from the Australian Terrier and ends around the snowman's stick arm. There is a red bow at the Aussie's neck and a sprig of holly in one ear. There is a green bow in one corner and the ornament hangs from green ibbon.

Hand-sculpted from polymer clay.

Size is approximate:
2-1/4" top to bottom (4" including ribbon)
2-1/4" side to side

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beautiful Tiles

Waterlily Fern Green

Lespercentile has beautiful handmade tiles. There are so many to pick from that it's really hard to pick a favorite, but I'd have to say this one definitely tops the list. Take a look through the shop where you'll find plenty of tiles, ornaments and new wearable tile art pendants.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Dachshund Super Slide

The Dachshund has graciously allowed this little snail to take a ride down her back. The snail is taking a nice long ride down the Doxie's back on a leaf while the Doxie licks her chops to make it just a bit more slippery for the snail's fun-filled ride.

The Dachshund is a bead and is hand-sculpted from polymer clay as is the leaf and snail on her back except for the snail's shell, that's a real tiny seashell.

The bead is pierced vertically from top of head to base.

Size is approximate:
1-1/4" tall top of head to base
1-1/2" wide front to back
1" wide side to side

Monday, November 24, 2008

Etsy Bloggers Team is having a Holiday Sale

Click here to see
all the participating shops. There's loads of them including my shop Nanjodogz where you will receive 10% off all items (excluding s/h and custom orders).
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

And the winner...

The winner for the blog exchange link giveaway is Art by Betty Refour. Thank you all for participating and for swapping links with me!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Afghan Hound Art Tile

Afghan Hound Art Tile

The art tile depicts an Afghan Hound and is once again available in my shop NanjoDogz. The art tile is hand-sculpted from a beautiful aqua blue/green polymer clay, etched and washed with a light green paint to give it an aged appearance. At the top center of the tile is a large blue Swarovski crystal charm. The pendant hangs from two bails on either side of the tile. This tile can either be hung on the wall or worn as a pendant.

Size is approximate:
3" long top to bottom
1-1/2" wide

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Angels on the Moon

Has anybody heard this song? I first heard it on Celebrity Rehab and love, love, love it. Have you heard it and do you like it?

Here is the link to check it out: Thriving Ivory - Angels on the Moon

Let me know what you think of it -- I'd love to hear!

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's a Yorkie Christmas

The Yorkshire Terrier is sitting on a glass block paperweight with a tiny snowman etched and stuck on the inside of the glass giving a tip of his hat. This little Yorkie is sitting there with his paw outstretched with a very pretty ring for mommy, he picked this ring out special for her Christmas present this year, after all Christmas is the time for giving.

The Yorkie sculpture is available at Nanjodogz and is hand-sculpted from polymer clay as is the Santa hat sitting beside him. There is a gold 'ring' around his outstretched paw. There is gold ribbon tied at the top of the glass block.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blog Link Exchange Christmas Giveaway

So I thought I'd try to combine these two and have some fun along the way. Would anyone like to exchange blog links? I am looking to exchange blog links and at the same time have a Christmas Giveaway. If you would like to exchange links, just leave a comment to this post with the blog address where you will have the link up and the blog address that you'd like me to link too (if it's the same you don't have to enter the blog twice) with an e-mail address where you can be contacted should you be the winner. After I receive all comments, I will verify the links are up, put the links on my blog and draw a name from all entries received. The prize is this handmade dragonfly ornament.

Remember to leave your name, your links and an e-mail address so that I can contact you if you are the winner. If I don't have an e-mail address I won't be able to contact you and will have to pull another winner. You can enter up until Friday, 11.21.08, 12 a.m. EST, any entries after that will not considered. I will notify the winner only via e-mail and announce it on my blog Monday, 11.24.08.

Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!

About the ornament: The dragonfly ornament is handmade from polymer clay. The body is green with sprigs of holly with red and white wings embedded with Swarovski crystals and hangs from red ribbon. Size: 2-3/4" long x 3" wide.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


China Hat
I love the artist MerandaTurbak, her paintings have a eerie beauty to them. They are at the same time oh so beautiful and oh so haunting with some deep, internal meaning to them that for me when I look at them cuts down to my soul. They captivate me to where I want to turn away, but I find myself staring longer getting deeply fixated on the piece.

Her shop has fine art originals and prints available. For a good read, go to her profile and read her bio where she explains the creative process to her artwork. Check her out!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanksgiving Holiday Tradition

Our family doesn't really have any traditions per se, but we do get together, eat like there's no tomorrow and watch football. So I guess I'd have to say our tradition is making sure we stuff our faces and watch football. There is usually one game on or another and it really doesn't matter who is playing, we are all football fans in the house so we just like to have the noise of the games on at all times!

In these trying times, it's family that you can count on to be there for you. So here's hoping you enjoy your Thanksgiving with loved ones and friends. Happy Thanksgiving -- enjoy!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pugsy The Pug -- little tough guy

Pugsy the Pug
Here is he, introducing Pugsy the Pug, brother to Pugsta Gangsta and this Pug is just as cool. He is sporting a new gaffer hat that is embellished with a skull and crossbones. He is also wearing a new silver chain with a brand new medallion and he's got a heart tattooed on his arm. He's one tough cookie (not really -- as you can tell by his sweet expression he's really a softie).

Size of sculpture is approximately:
1-3/4" tall
1-1/4" wide front to back
1" wide side to side

Westie Christmas Ornament

A darling West Highland White Terrier lays on a green base hand-sculpted from polymer clay. She wears a red collar with a crystal at her neck and has a sprig of holly in her ear.

The last photo is my pup -- she just popped in to wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season. Happy Holidays!

The ornament sits in a silver tone setting and hangs from red satin cord.

Hand-sculpted with polymer clay.

Approximate size of the ornament is: 2-1/4" long (with satin cord 4-1/4" long) x 1-1/2" wide.

Schipperke with Mr. Potatohead Ornament

Schipperke with Mr. Potatohead Ornament

The sweet Schipperke pup is so happy because she got a new Mr. Potatohead toy for Christmas. She's holding it near and dear to her and can't wait to start playing with her new favorite toy.

The Schipperke is holding Mr. Potatohead and is wearing a Santa hat. She sits on a green base in a silver tone cameo setting. The ornament hangs from red satin cord.

The ornament is one of many in my shop NanjoDogz and is hand-sculpted with polymer clay.
Approximate size of the ornament is: 2-1/4" long (with satin cord 4-1/4" long) x 1-1/2" wide.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Handmade Cards -- A-dorable!!!

Kissing Reindeer Card

Thumbelina Card Company has the sweetest greeting cards. Each card is a little original piece of artwork using thumbprints and fingerprints and embellished further with ink drawing. I love this simple and sweet idea, it's a wonderful creative process and the cards are just a-dorable!
Froggy Card

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dreamy Textile Luxury

Inca Stories Cavern - Art for your Head

I love these hats or should I say these art pieces for your head. These hats are some beauties and I have loved this shop for a while. I always find myself going back to see what new creations have made their way into Dreamwoven, the shop that brings us these delightful hats. There isn't a piece in this shop that I don't like, there are definitely some unique and wonderful pieces for your head to be found here.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dolls and Ornaments- sooo cute!


The shop projectgrabbag makes adorable items from recycled and new materials combined. As always I love the idea of recycling, breathing new life into something that's been discarded and making it your own wonderful creation as does this shop. Just take a look at these adorable cutie pies that are made with such loving care!

Cozy Gnome Ornament Couple

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another Christmas Pup

Basenji Christmas Ornament
Here's another one of my Christmas ornament pups. The sweet Basenji is holding her very own ornament, which she's so excited about -- she just can't wait to hang this very special ornament on the Christmas tree, she's going to try to get a branch right up front to display this very special ornament. She's such a happy pup, Christmas is her favorite time of year!

The Basenji is holding a large green crystal ornament and has a sprig of holly at her ear. She sits on a red base in a silver tone cameo setting. The ornament hangs from green satin cord.

Hand-sculpted with polymer clay.
Approximate size of the ornament is: 2-1/4" long (with satin cord 4-1/4" long) x 1-1/2" wide.


Naughty or Nice (print on canvas cloth)
I love soopajdelux and all the prints in the shop! These little girls have a cuteness with a sad sweetness to them. I can't quite put my finger on how to explain them, but I know I like them. How would you describe these girls? As you browse through this shop you will get more of a feel for her artwork, one thing I know for sure is I've never seen anything like it, there is a uniqueness to her pieces and these little girls seem to draw you into their world and give you pause as to the situations they find themselves in.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Alphabetti Spaghetti

Spinning Double Disk Necklace
Alphabettispaghetti is a wonderful Etsy shop out of Italy, full of handmade sterling silver jewelry. I love the simplistic designs of this jewelry with the clean lines and small but effective stones. These are great pieces for everyday wear or to add just a touch of class to any evening outfit. Bella!

Citrine Silver Disk Earrings

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bonny and her Butterfly Bead Set

Bonnie and Butterfly Punk Kids Bead Set
Bonny loves butterflies, she loves to try and catch them and play with them. She has on her own T-Shirt with a butterfly on the front and comes with her very own butterfly friend. Bonny and her butterfly are both hand-sculpted from polymer clay. They are matching colors of green and pink. Bonny is also embellished with a butterfly T-Shirt on her tummy, a pink Swarovski crystal on the side of her head and a cute braid with pink pony tail holder. This is a set of two beads, both pierced vertically from head to bottom. Sizes are approximate: Bonnie: 1-1/8" tall x 1/2" wide around Butterfly friend: 4/8" tall x 3/4" nose to tail

Wire Wrap Finery

Sophistication Pin or Pendant
Wire wrap at its finest found at Windy's Design. Browsing through this shop I'm amazed at the detail in these pieces. Wire wrap, like almost all artistry amazes me, and these pieces are no exception. Just take a look at this draw dropping piece, it definitely has that 'wow' factor going on. The level of craftsmanship in these beauties is truly a delight.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dogs are Crazy for Obama

Since I heard that President elect Obama is looking for a new dog for the White House I wanted to let him know that the dogs of America are behind him. Even though I normally don't talk politics and I won't say who I voted for in the election -- but my dog was definitely backing Obama for Pres :). She even wore this button while out campaigning for the young Illinois Senator from our hometown! She's so happy that Obama will soon be in the White House, she's hoping that the economy will grow and she can get more scooby snacks.

I purchased this great pin from a fellow Etsy and EFA member, The Dog Coat Lady. She makes them in just about every breed and if you can't find your breed just contact her and if she has your breed, she'll make you one -- that's what I did and she made me one in a jiffy. She also has other great buttons in her shop.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Angel Beagle Ornament

What's an Angeleagle you might ask? Well, it's an Angel Beagle and it comes from the creation of Ms. Anomaly. Ms. Anomaly has taken my Beagle bead and made it come alive once again to create this one of a kind Beagle ornament for your Christmas tree. What a great addition to a dog lover's tree, especially a Beagle lover -- how darling! Thank you once again, Ms. A for bringing one of my dog beads to life and giving it a character all its own!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's a Schnauzer Christmas

An adorable Schnauzer lays on a green base hand-sculpted from polymer clay. The Schnauzer wears a red collar with a vintage crystal at her neck and has a sprig of holly laying at her ear. The ornament sits in a silver tone setting and hangs from red satin cord.

Hand-sculpted with polymer clay.

Approximate size of the ornament is: 2-1/4" long (with satin cord 4-1/4" long) x 1-1/2" wide.

Contact me if you're interested in a Christmas Ornament with a likeness of your pup.

Soft Sculpture

Large Pet Portrait Plush

I first noticed this shop when I saw the tiny fawns that she made, so cute and colorful. But then I went back to her shop to see what she's been up to, I found that she now makes these wonderful soft sculptures to resemble your pet and it's a remarkable likeness. Cornflakegirl also creates adorable bird cake toppers so whether you're looking for a wedding cake topper, a sculpture to resemble your pet or one of these cute fawns stop by and check these critters out.

Little Fawn Ella

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Storybeader - Etsy Team Bloggers Feature

Tipi Treasure Necklace
It's time for our Etsy Blogger's Street Team feature of November and this month it goes to Storybeader, a wonderful Etsy shop full of beautiful jewelry made from beautiful materials all with a natural and organic feel to them. And with each piece of her jewelry comes a special surprise, they come with a haiku poem, written specifically for the piece! Stop by her shop to see all of her lovely creations or check out her blog to find out what she's been up to lately.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Don't forget -- VOTE!

the ghost of elections past - yo & dude™
I'd like to introduce everyone to Yo and Dude, they were gracious enough to stop in today to remind us to vote! Yo and Dude comes from the mind of Eric Hews, a member of my Flickr Dogs and Art group. I have to say that I have fallen in love with Yo and Dude. I find that every time I visit the group I check to see what these two are up to and if you are like me, one who loves a bit of sarcasm in their humor, you'll fall in love with these characters! If you would like to see more of Yo and Dude stop by our Dogs and Art group, Eric is always popping in with these wonderful illustrations, I guarantee you'll be looking forward to every new adventure! If you're a dog lover feel free to take a moment and join the group -- and get a glimpse of the real Dude, now he's a handsome one!

Please don't forget to vote today in this important election!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Chinese Crested Christmas Ornament

The adorable Chinese Crested is holding her very own 'C' alphabet block ornament (C is for Chinese Crested Christmas of course) and she's managed to get a string of Christmas lights entangled in her new ornament. She's so excited about Christmas coming -- she just can't wait to hang this very special ornament on the Christmas tree, after all Christmas is her favorite time of year!

The Chinese Crested has a Santa hat on and is holding a C Alphabet block with a string of Christmas lights. She sits on a green base in a silver cameo setting. The ornament hangs from red satin cord.

Approximate size of the ornament is: 2-1/4" long (with satin cord 4-1/4" long) x 1-1/2" wide.

Ornate and Gorgeous

Laced Dragonfly Ruby Red
I've been looking through my favorite shops today and went back to some of the shops I chose when first I arrived at Etsy and I will be previewing these shops this week. This is the first one of the week, the jewelry from 1ofmykind, it is special and one of a kind is right! This shop is full of these original beauties and if you have lots and lots of time to spend take a look through this shop. If you like this ornate, filigree type of jewelry as I do (and I think many of you do) you'll love these jewels, they are absolutely gorgeous! There are necklaces, earrings and rings to browse through -- have fun, it will definitely be enjoyable!

Golden Topaz Deco Butterfly Necklace

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bella The Boston Terrier Gets a Bubblebath

Bella loves bubbles baths, problem is she was a bit too quick to jump into the kitchen sink, you see Bella thought it was bath time but mom was preparing to do the dishes and when she got to the sink this is what she found -- oops Bella.

Bella is a miniature I recently created, she is hand-sculpted from polymer clay and sits in a miniature wooden sink. She sits in the sink surrounded by tons of bubbles, forks, spoons and dishes.

I love creating these little miniatures with their own stories. I haven't done many of them lately and don't get the time to do them often, but I really love them. I love when someone gives me something or when I purchase an item like I did this little antique wooden sink, it really helps to get the creative juices going and I get these ideas of how I can incorporate my little dogs into the scene.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Boston Terrier Pandora Style Bead

I had a request to do a Pandora style bead, which I honestly have to say I never heard of before, until the customer explained to me what she wanted. Then I understood what type of bead she was talking about, I gave it a try and this is the result. I think this little BT came out quite cute! What do you think?

Afghan Hound Cameo

Afghan Hound Cameo
Afghan Hound etched into clay and set in brass setting

Greyhound in Profile Etched Pendant

Greyhound in Profile Etched Pendant
Greyhound in Profile Etched Pendant


Etched in Pink


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