Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bichon Frise Never Can Say Goodbye Rememberance Glass Ball

This is an adorable piece and is a tribute to our dog's who have passed away. I got the idea when my last dog passed away, I could not afford to take her ashes and she was the first dog I did not take her ashes, but when money is tight there's not much you can do. So I thought why not make my own remembrance of her and so I did. While I was at the doctor's office and we had to put her to sleep, through my tears I asked if I could cut a piece of her hair off. So my glass ball has a little snip of her hair and it also has some of the things she loved, like her tennis ball, dog bones and I added little red hearts, a small piece of paper with her name printed on a it. I put some glitter in the ball and sealed it at the top and on the top of the cap I placed a handmade body and head of her with angel wings and I hang it right by my bedside so she is always there and her memory is always beside me.

Size is approximate:
47mm (1-3/4") bail to bottom with the dog on top (without dog the ball neck measures about 12mm and the size of the ball is 20mm so it is very small.
15mm (3/4") nose to back (the dog topper)
The chain is approximately 13-1/4" long

Here is what is in the Bichon Frise ball:

On the top of the glass ball is a handmade Bichon Frise made of polymer clay with brass wings and white glitter. Inside the glass ball I have put a tennis ball, a dog bone and a little tiny dog charm along with silver glitter. As far as what is in the ball you can have your choice of what you would like inside the ball. I will do my best to make whatever your dog's favorite toys were if possible. Some of the toys may be too large for me to make, but I can make something in a smaller scale to represent the toy. The glass ball is very small so everything that goes in it must be very small and I would say the most you can fit in the ball is about 3 to 4 items. Also, if you would like things that are on a more personal note, you can send a clipping of your pup's hair and I can put that in the ball.

Back to shop:

Ships to US 1 to 3 business days First Class Mail w/delivery confirmation
Ships worldwide 1 to 3 business days First Class International Mail

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