Sunday, May 18, 2014

French Bulldog White European Vertical Bead Polymer Clay Dog Necklace - New Design
New design -- European beads on the vertical. These are great for necklaces and dog leads. If you are interested in the dog bead alone, please contact me for information on how to order.

One hand-sculpted white French Bulldog European bead on the vertical. The Frenchie is white with lavender and mustard yellow daisies one on the top of the head near the ear and one at the neck at the opposite side. The back of the bead is done in a shimmery golden color and lavendar trim. The bead is stamped on the back with a tiny paw print. The bead has silver metal core insert.

The bead is on a vertical pendant and above the Frenchie there is a silver spacer bead and a yellow and lavender glass bead. At the bottom of the pendant there is a silver spacer with a bail where a silver dog bone hangs. The necklace is white faux suede with a lobster clasp and hangs approximately 9-3/4" - with the pendant it is approximately 12-1/2" long.

Size of bead is approximately:
13mm (1/2") side to side
20mm (3/4") nose to back of bead
The hole is 4.5mm wide
The French Bulldog bead has rubber stoppers underneath it so that the dog head will not move.
The length of the pendant is 1-1/2" long

PLEASE NOTE: The beads are not interchangeable, there is a touch of glue on the bottom and top round screw ends to help in preventing the screws from loosening and the beads from coming off. This is not a guarantee that the screws will not come off, but it is more likely they will not with a touch of glue added.

If you are interested in a custom bead either on the horizontal or vertical, a bead done from photos of your own dog, please contact me for the information. Thank you.

Ships to US 1 to 3 business days w/delivery confirmation
Ships to Canada and worldwide 1 to 3 business days
**Worldwide customers: shipping and handling is just an estimate; if s/h charges are considerably higher than what was paid I will refund the overage if it exceeds $2.00. Thank you.

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