Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Sad Story of Sweet Sammy

I first read Sammy's story over at Origena and was so saddened by it. I am always amazed and appalled that humans can be so cruel. I really don't understand it, I always find it so hard to comprehend how human beings can hurt poor defenseless creatures, how they can live with themselves after they've done such horrible things. I do believe in karma though and at some point what goes around comes around in one way or another.

You can read about Sammy's story over at Noahs Arks Rescue where he's being cared for. I have to warn you the photos of how Sammy came to them are graphic and very hard to look at. I was compelled to make a small donation to help for Sammy's care and I would actually love to adopt Sammy, he'd be a great mate for my Lena! I'm just grateful that there are organizations out there who care for our four legged friends like Sammy!


earthtoholly said...

Hi NanjoDogz,

I followed your link to Noahs Ark as we adopted Lucy from a rescue by the same name (in VA) and I thought they might be affiliated. They are not, but point is I read Sammy's story and just wept. The cruelness of humans amazes me...I just don't understand what goes through the mind of someone who could do this. And to a creature so loving and innocent. I, too, believe in karma and hope that it hits this evil-doer with full force! Humans...ugh.

Am so glad that Sammy is now cared for by decent folks...

BeadedTail said...

I'm crying just thinking about someone hurting an animal so I can't go to the site. I'm glad that whatever the situation was that Sammy is now out of it and being cared for as he deserves to be.

Mishkat said...

This makes me really sad - but I'm so glad Sammy has a forever home now. It makes me feel better to see how well he's doing now.

Kristen said...

I have not yet read Sammy's story and am almost afraid to. I adopted by adorable Shih Tzu last summer and she had spent her entire life in a cage used for breeding (she is probably around 7 or 8). She came to me not even barking because it never got her anywhere. Well fast forward and my little girl is attached to my hip. She has learned to play, beg (unfortunately!), knows her name and more. It is amazing how animals still show love after they have been hurt. I pray that Sammy receives the attention he needs and will continue to improve!

Ori said...

I'm happy that when Sammy was badly hurt he still could find his way back to the people who care about him and get rescued byNoah's Arks. Thank you Nanjodogz for posting this on your blog. Lena is very lucky to have you!!

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