Sunday, August 23, 2009

Huntin Critters

Here I am hunting those pesky critters that go into the holes in the ground. I always try to catch them, but never seem to be quick enough. Maybe on the next vacation I'll be able to git one of those darn things.


Your Daily Cute said...

Just keep watch. He's got to come out of there at some point... ;) That's what my cats would do anyway -- for hours if that's what it took! Haha.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Patience, Lena, patience. Our kitty Courtney catches them and so can you. Hunker down and wait!

vicy said...

Hopping here..Hope you can visit me back..God Bless!!

sadermaxx said...

Just keep trying little buddy, one of these days the critter is going to slip up!

WillOaks Studio said...

I could let my cat visit to give you a few lessons? She's been catching lots of critters lately...I feel kind of bad--they don't have a chance!

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