Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My new Doberman pup -- Mjolner

Mjolner is his name, but we call him Jo-Jo for short. When my Lena passed away I said I would never get another dog. My sister gave me six months, my nephew and husband gave me three months saying they just knew I would get another dog. Well, husband and nephew won out, it's been only three months and I found that it was very difficult to live without a companion and friend so lucky for me there was someone looking to re-home a Doberman, he could no long keep the pup because he was moving into an apartment and he said with his work schedule he just didn't have time for the dog. It was so sad taking him away from his daddy, he seemed so attached, but his daddy knew he was doing the right thing. Now he's my constant companion and follows me everywhere I go. I just love him and so happy that we found each other. I do believe it was destiny. I believe in a way Lena helped me to find him because she knew how sad I was without her -- still love and miss you terribly Lena.


Anny said...

Hi there Jo-Jo.. you look very handsome.

No two dogs are the same and somehow they can never be replaced.. but it is good that you are willing to accept another dog in your life. A life with dogs would certainly be boring :) Have fun with him.. i am sure he is very lucky to find you.

BeadedTail said...

Jo-Jo is a cutie! We can never predict how new pets come into our lives but I believe that those who've crossed the Bridge play a big part in that timing. Jo-Jo will never take Lena's place in your heart but he will help make your heart happy once again!

Three Fates said...

Oh, Jo-Jo is so cute. And though he will never take the place of Lena, I'm sure he will be a fantastic addition to your family and he will be loved so much. I'm so happy you found each other. :)

dreameyce said...

Oh my, I've missed so much in blog-land I did not know that Lena had passed, I'm so, so sorry for your loss!

Jo-Jo is so handsome, and I'm so thrilled he's fitting in so nicely. Congrats on the addition!

PrezLee said...

what a cute name! I like his ears a lot! Wondering if he is just as crazy boy like mine :) Dobermans are so silly sometimes

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