Friday, February 15, 2008

EFA Interview - Thisisit

Here is my monthly interview with Etsy for Animals member Thisisit. Jodi was gracious enough to answer a few questions for us so we can get to know a little bit about her, her shop, what she likes to create, her pets and how she gives back to animals. Above is a photo of one of the many lovely journals from Jodi's shop -- of course I happen to be partial to this journal because it's dog related, but she has many different journals to choose from. Jodi also has jewelry items and greeting cards available through her shop -- go check out some of her wonderful creations -- but before you do don't forget to read our interview with Jodi.

1) Tell us your name and a little about you?
My name is Jodi, and I live in the bay area of California with my awesome husband, Dan, our beautiful dog-ter, Xena, and our sweet cat, Pato. I am a HUGE animal lover, and I am a proud vegan. I am happiest when I am being creative. I love painting, making jewelry, and doing paper arts. I am VERY against war, and I am into Buddhist philosophy, mindful living, and leaving as small a mark on the earth as possible while we are here.

2) Where can we find your Etsy shop? My main shop! My new supply shop! I feature a new artist every week who gives back in some way!

3) What do you create and what is your favorite thing to create?
I make jewelry and ecofriendly journals, cards, and photo albums. I really like all of the categories equally. I love making a variety of products!

4) Who or what inspires you?
I am in awe of both the Dalai Lama and Jane Goodall. I honor everyone who has ever wanted to make a positive difference and succeeded. Everyone who is a part of Etsy for Animals or Etsy for Charity inspires me.

5) How many pets do you have and what are their names (any interesting stories about how they came to be your pet)?
We have 1 dog, Xena, who is a Norwegian Elkhound. And we have 1 cat, Pato.

Xena was our neighbor’s dog when we lived in NM. Shortly after we moved in, she started hanging around our house more and more. She was so friendly and sweet! She was even our flower girl in our wedding. When we moved to CA, we were heartbroken about leaving her behind. Because she had grown up in the rural mountains, our neighbor’s thought that it would be too much of a culture shock to move her to CA. She also had a Golden Retriever best friend that we didn’t want to separate her from. A year after we moved (after visiting her several times), her best friend died and she started running away onto the highway. We happened to be in NM shortly after this happened, and we asked our neighbors if we could take her home with us. To our surprise, they said yes! So we rented a car and drove her home! She had never been inside before, potty trained, or on a leash. She has adapted just beautifully, and we can’t imagine our lives without her!

Pato just showed up one day in our driveway. He was skin and bones—just 6 pounds on a frame that should be about 13 pounds. He had no collar, no chip, no signs up—nothing. So we adopted him and totally fell in love immediately. That was 9 months ago and he is now 11 pounds and a happy, well-adjusted, super loving cat. We just found out that he is in kidney failure, so we give him sub q fluids twice a week. We cherish every day that we can share with him—and hope that he sticks around for a long time.

6) How do you give back to our animal friends? What charities do you hold near and dear to your heart?
We give 5% of profits to animal-welfare groups. The groups that we currently support (and are also closest to my heart) are: Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Humane Farming Association, Jane Goodall Institute, and Anti-Vivisection Society.


mvegan said...

Thank you for featuring this wonderful artist and friend to the animals and nature! ;0) Yay Thisisit and Nanjo~! ;0) Michele Love these blog features!!!!

Mishkat said...

Wonderful interview - thanks to both Jodi and Nancy!

HandiCrafts said...

Great interview! I will check out her store now! And I am going to add you to my blogroll!

Jenrosesegrest said...

Great interview, I love the comment she made about living and leaving as small a mark on this earth while we are here...well said.
Awesome question Nanjodogz
xoxo jen

Field Notes said...

Great interview!! Jodi is easy to like and I really appreciate the opportunity to get to know her. I love that she supports and admires Jane Goodall. She is one of my heroes too. I also love the story of her dog-ter - that's an awfully sweet story.

MadeByAmanda said...

I went to her shop, and you are right, she has many lovely journals!

Afghan Hound Cameo

Afghan Hound Cameo
Afghan Hound etched into clay and set in brass setting

Greyhound in Profile Etched Pendant

Greyhound in Profile Etched Pendant
Greyhound in Profile Etched Pendant


Etched in Pink


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