Thursday, June 19, 2008

Brent the Bumble Bee Bead

Brent the Bumble Bee -- If you're looking for trouble, you've come to the right place -- introducing Little Brent the Bumble Bee. He's a very scary bumble bee, he's out looking for people he can scare -- problem is nobody seems to get too frightened when they happen upon him.

Brent is a bead hand-sculpted from polymer clay. He has a yellow head, yellow and black striped body with a skull and crossbones tummy. His wings are made of glow in the dark clay so he glows a bit at night. He's got black feet and black ball antennas. He's a lil scary stinker.

The approximate size of the bead is:
1-4/8" tall top to bottom
1" side to side (antenna to antenna)
3/4" front to back of wings

The bead is pierced vertically from top of head to bottom.


Saint Lover said...

I love the little scull and crossed bones on his chest... its so cute.

Beat Black said...

awww, what a perfect portrait of a bumble bee :)

Cynthia Blue said...

awww, well I don't think he's scary, just cute! :) Sorry Brent!

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