Friday, June 20, 2008

Goin to the Country

Lena and I are off again to the country for a week. We will be enjoying the peace and quiet and of course chasing critters. We love getting away, but at the same time miss the city life. It's a double-edged sword because although we love being out in the country setting we do miss certain aspects of city living like having a computer and internet access, telephones, etc. It is an adjustment. It's like when we start our vacation, I miss the fast-paced lifestyle I'm used to, by midweek I'm getting a little bored and then by the end of the week I start getting used to the slower pace and then I don't want to come home and get back to the rat race. Humans -- go figure.

To all my Entrecard friends -- we'll be back in one week dropping in on all of your wonderful blogs. We'll miss everyone.


clockworkpink2 said...

Have fun! Thanks for your comment!

Saint Lover said...

Have fun! I hope you enjoy your relaxing time. We would love to take a trip out to the country... we miss living there.

Mariuca said...

Have a good time Nanjo! :)

Lucky Girl said...

Have a terrific and relaxing week! I always feel energized after a break like that.

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