Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cloning Pets -- What's your opinion?

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I was reading this article about dog cloning and started to think that I'm not crazy about this idea.
Now I love my dog and will be devastated when she passes, but cloning or not there will never be another Lena. I mean isn't it all the time that you spend with your pet, the hours of love and attention that you give and receive from them that makes them the pet that they are? Even if I got her cloned, it still would not be Lena, so why not just get another dog? I don't know, maybe I just don't get it, but there will never be room for another Lena in my heart -- and when she passes I will miss her so much that my heart will ache, but there will never be another like her even if I did have her cloned. So I guess my answer to this question is no, I don't think I'd like cloning a pet. All of the dogs I have had in the past hold a special place in my heart and I always thought I'd never be able to move on and get another pet, but with time I did and then I was lucky enough to get another dog who filled my heart with love and joy. I imagine this will go on until the day I die -- and I definitely don't want to be cloned.


melissa said...

Personally for me, I think it is creepy and maybe even unethical. When someone or something, passes, it is the natural progression of life. Trying to in any way end that, or bring them back, or whatever you want to call it, is just not right. I think messing around with this kind of stuff, is dangerous, and can lead to alot of bad things.

Saint Lover said...

I tend to now want to think about it. It may look like the same dog... but a dog is what you put into it. It doesn't have the memories or bond with you when born just because the original did... or does it? I am really on the fence about this, but certainly not a choice for me.

:-) MaryLou said...

Nooooo. No cloning. It won't be the same dog, and no matter how much your heart breaks from losing a beloved pet, it's best just to move on.

Besides, there are so many dogs out there in shelters just waiting for good homes. It's much better to give another dog a chance at a good life, I think!

We rescued an English setter from the local Humane Society; and even though he only lived for six years after we rescued him (he developed a brain tumor), he had a good life and was loved. He was only two weeks away from being put to sleep at the shelter because no one had shown any interest in him at all, and he turned out to be a wonderfully loving and friendly dog. He was a great companion for our golden retriever, too.

Nona said...

The whole idea of cloning is pretty creepy to me.

There are so many animals out there that need loving homes, why spend so many billions of dollars trying to clone one over and over when its NOT the same animal anway?

Liz said...

I totally agree with you. Every dog I had was different and I loved each one. They each do have a special place in my heart.You are very talanted I do love your charm bracelet!

Politi Gal said...

The cost would prevent me from even being in a position to consider the larger metaphysical questions involved in cloning my dogie (she's amazing).

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