Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How do you feel about Feedback?

Little Ms. Applelina wants to know how do you feel about feedback? As a seller and as a buyer? I know for me I love to get feedback, but I've learned after selling for a while, to not take it so seriously. I mean I still love to get it, but I've come to realize that not everybody feels it's that important. I do have a bad habit as a seller though I must admit, I'm always looking to see if people left me feedback, but I often forget to leave feedback for the buyer. I try to do it as soon as the person has paid for the item and I've shipped it out, but I sometimes just plain forget.

So my question is how do you feel about feedback? Is it important to you? When do you leave feedback yourself as a seller, when item is shipped? And as a buyer do you always leave feedback? Even if you're not really pleased with the item are you truthful about the fact that you're not pleased or do you choose to not leave any feedback? Inquiring minds want to know.


Frau Zinnie said...

I think feedback is important, especially for buyers to leave for sellers. It helps show others in the etsy community that you are credible. Same goes for buyers, though I've had many first time etsy users shop through my shop, so I'm sometimes the first to leave feedback for them.

I've never had a problem with anything on etsy *knock on wood*. I would definitely try to convo the seller to correct the problem before leaving any type of feedback.

Mishkat said...

I always leave feedback because I know how important it is to sellers (based on time spent on eBay forums!) I don't care that much if sellers leave feedback for me - but I do check :).

Sometimes I'm not all that pleased with an item - this happens when you're buying on-line or by mail since you can only go by photos. If there is a real problem - like sending the wrong item - I contact the seller and in almost cases, they have fixed it. If it's just me not interpreting the photo correctly, I leave positive feedback about the good parts of the transactions (good craftsmanship, fast shipping, good communication, etc.).

The only times I've ever left negative is when the seller just doesn't send the item - and won't respond to queries.

Hope this wasn't more than you ever wanted to know :)!

Lenox Knits said...

I've only left negative feedback once when I didn't get the item and no replies. I have gotten into the habit of leaving feedback for my buyers when they have left it for me. I know some people do it right away but I am of the opinion that the transaction isn't really complete yet until they have received it.

Sarcasta-Mom said...

As a seller as well, I know the importance of feedback. Also, as a buyer, I always read customer feedback on an item I'm about to buy, or about the person I'm about to buy the item from.

Anonymous said...

Applelina Applelina... so cute are you :) She's is like having a story to tell the world! Great works Nancy! i love ur handmade stuffs.. i'll go thru them later :)

Anonymous said...

I think feedback is very important for both buyer and seller accounts. I always check out people's ratings, sometimes, just because I'm curious to see what people think about their work. I always leave feedback for my buyers.

I've never bought something on etsy that I haven't adored. I think in situations like this, it's more buyer beware meaning if it's a size issue, CHECK and measure yourself first. If you can't tell what the product looks like from the photos, just keep looking. If I did receive something that wasn't quite what I expected, I would contact the seller first to see if they were willing to fix it or offer explanation before I left negative feedback because I know I would want the same treatment if I'd been the one to make a mistake.

Beat Black said...

I'm crazy about feedback. I got a neutral a while back and I almost gave up, lol

As a seller I leave it as soon as the item is paid for, as a buyer when I've had the items for a few days.

and yes. if i buy something and it reeeeally sucks, i'll let the seller know about it.

Shes a cute one that applelina!

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