Thursday, May 7, 2009

Credit Card Rant

I have a little credit card rant to go on. First let me say I was never a big fan of credit cards, but these days it seems like you need at least one credit card so that's what we did, we got one credit card. Sometime last year I got an invitation from American Express Blue asking me if I wanted to switch to their card at a no interest rate for 19 months and 8.99% after that -- so I signed up. Well, that was about a year ago and although I'm still not paying interest I noticed at the bottom of my statement that the interest has gone from 8.99% to 10.24%. I mean what the hell I haven't even gotten a chance to take advantage of the rate they told me I would be getting before they jacked it up on me. I called the company and after going through five minutes of voice mail prompts I got a woman who was like, well that's the rate it is, it's gone up all across the board. Wow, thanks for the great customer service.

Just goes back to my original statement that I was never a big fan of credit cards, it's like they hold you hostage and once they get you in they jack up the rate and there ain't nothing you can do about it -- except maybe there is. I'm in the process of buckling down and trying to pay that stupid thing off and if I can't make it in six months, I'm already looking around for other alternatives. Did I mention I hate credit cards!!


FishHawk said...

The credit limit for our Juniper/Barclays card was cut in half without any notice, and to add insult to injury, we now get an email notification twice a month that our balance is close to exceeding our limit when we have not made a purchase with the card in over a year. Now, I can kinda understand them treating us in such a way if we had poor payment history with them, but we have not been late on one monthly payment. Furthermore, we have paid way over the minimum on a number of occasions. Do you think that may be trying to tell us that they do not want our business anymore anyway?

rkdsign88 said...

I'm with you. Credit card is just another way to control people.

Sarah said...


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Lynne said...

I'm sort of wishing ALL of my credit cards were made of chocolate, then I would just eat them and not have them to charge purchases with!
We're actually considering getting rid of our AMEX which we've had for over 25 years. After being very loyal customers, they are extremely inflexible. They're customer service has been rather disappointing.

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