Monday, May 5, 2008

Basset Hound Art Tile and Angel's Gate

The Basset Hound Art Tile is handcrafted from polymer clay. It is first sculpted from a golden brown polymer clay. In the upper left corner sits a photo from my original Basset Hound drawing. There are flowers etched into the tile, surrounded by two butterfly stamps. The piece is then painted in colors of yellow, purple, pink and green to match the florals in the artwork. The entire piece is then varnish sealed for protection.

The tile hangs from reclaimed jewelry including gold tone chain. There is a gold tone link chain hanging down one side of the tile adorned with clay floral beads and at the very bottom a large teardrop bead hand painted in matching colors.

Size is approximate:
3-1/4" long top to bottom
2-4/8" wide at widest point
Including the chain and beads the tile hangs approximately: 8" in total length.

50% of the sale of this art tile will to to Angel's Gate Charity. It's a wonderful charity my sister mentioned to me. She had seen a segment about it on Oprah. Angel's Gate is a center where they take care of handicap animals, older animals, etc., it's hospice for the animals.

Angel's Gate
Hospice for Animals

1 comment:

Saint Lover said...

wow that is gorgeous! I have a friend in Norway that has several bassets... she would LOVE it!

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