Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dog Patch Critters

Charlie and Chip

I would like to introduce Nancy of Dog Patch Critters, a fellow Etsy member and a member of Dogs And Art. Nancy makes some of the most adorable critters around and has two of the cutest Doxies, Lucy and Lexi. I hope you'll stay for a minute and get to know Nancy, her real dogs Lucy and Lexi and her menagerie of handcrafted critters.
1) Tell us your name and how many dogs you have, the name of your dog/s and how old they are? My name is Nancy Dontigney (pronounced dot knee). I have 2 dogs, Lexi is 11yrs and Lucy is 13yrs.

2) What breed of dog do you have? Lexi is a wire-haired Dachshund and Lucy is a chocolate smooth Dachshund.

Lexi and Lucy

3) How long have you had your dog/s and how did they come to be your dog? I was a mini Dachshund breeder for 25 yrs and owned their mothers. I have had both girls since they were born.

4) Do you find that you've come to favor a certain breed of dog and if so, what are their unique characteristics that you've found to be so wonderful? When I was in my late teens a friend had a Dachshund and I became hooked. I have had other breeds over the years, Labs,Cairns, and Goldens and I love most dogs but my heart belongs to doxies.

5) Any favorite stories you'd like to share with us about about your dog? Lucy is the nose. She caught and killed a rat that had taken up residence in our garage after all of our attempts had failed. Lexi is the chow hound. She can make to the fridge in under 5 seconds.

6) Are there any other pets in the home other than dogs? Just my hubby!

7) What kind of art do you create? I consider myself a Teddy Bear Artist. Making bears led to making other critters.

8) Is your main focus on dog art and if so, what made you choose the dog as your main subject for creating this type of art? I made a dog to go with a bear and everyone wanted to buy the dog. Collectible mohair dogs are now one of my specialties.

9) Do you create or make anything other type of art/craft that's not dog related? Besides Teddy Bears and dogs I make cats, bunnies, birds, and the occasional imaginary critter.

10) If you sell your artwork, where can we find your pieces for sale? I have a website Dog Patch Critters and an Etsy shop of the same name. I also sometimes list on a site called Bid4bears. It's an auction site for bears and related items.
Greta the Schnauzer

Stop by either Dog Patch Critters website or her Etsy shop to see all of Nancy's wonderful critters -- they truly are adorable.

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Jenrosesegrest said...

Great interview, your babies are precious. We have a mini weiniehis name is Tiny. Your creations are great, so cute, I am on my way to check oout your shop.

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