Sunday, May 25, 2008

Danielle the Dragonfly Bead

While we were camping Lena and I returned from the forest with this pretty little dragonfly and named her Danielle the Dragonfly. She flew up on Lena's nose to say hi and they became fast friends, but Lena had to leave her behind because Little Danielle is happiest in her forest flying around the river from flower to flower -- she only stops by occasionally to say hello.

Danielle is a bead hand-sculpted from polymer clay. She has a purple head and green body and has wings in solid purple and solid yellow and two cane wings in similar colors. The front of her body has a pretty floral cane, her booty is stamped with a purple heart and her antennas are yellow and purple.

The approximate size of the bead is:
1-3/4" tall top to bottom
1-3/4" side to side (wing to wing)
1/2" front to back (nose to back of head)

The bead is pierced vertically from top of head to bottom.


Saint Lover said...

Welcome back! We missed you! Hope you had fun camping. What a cute little friend you brought back with you ;)

Ana said...

Welcome back! I hope you had a nice trip with Lena! :-)

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