Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bella The Boston Terrier Gets a Bubblebath

Bella loves bubbles baths, problem is she was a bit too quick to jump into the kitchen sink, you see Bella thought it was bath time but mom was preparing to do the dishes and when she got to the sink this is what she found -- oops Bella.

Bella is a miniature I recently created, she is hand-sculpted from polymer clay and sits in a miniature wooden sink. She sits in the sink surrounded by tons of bubbles, forks, spoons and dishes.

I love creating these little miniatures with their own stories. I haven't done many of them lately and don't get the time to do them often, but I really love them. I love when someone gives me something or when I purchase an item like I did this little antique wooden sink, it really helps to get the creative juices going and I get these ideas of how I can incorporate my little dogs into the scene.


Beat Black said...

thats incredible! and the idea for the little bubbles is brilliant. im very impressed

Waterrose said...

How adorable and it's a have a lot of patience!

Deronda G said...

That is amazing. Ever, ever so cute.

Felicia said...

I love it!

Saint Lover said...

How utterly adorable!

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