Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's All In The Eyes

The eyes do say so much in art and these beautiful pieces are wonderful examples of just how much they do express a feeling! The eyes in each of these artworks set off their own unique emotion. Do you enjoy the eyes in artwork; do they speak to you?

Boston Terrier Dog Art - dogartstudio

Golden Butterflies Blonde Buttferly Fairy - strangeling

Cat Show Painting - paintingsbyjude

Nightmare Faces - elizavella


HandiCrafts said...

These are lovely finds!

Judy said...

Oh! The eyes on the Boston Bull are adorable. Had a Boston named "Teddy" when I was young and he looked JUST like that! Thanks for sharing!

Jude said...

Thank you for featuring my cat art at your blog! I meet you at Etsy forum and Twitter. Have a great holiday!


My Art At Etsy:

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