Friday, July 4, 2008

Angel's Gate


Angel's Gate is a hospice for animals. They care for many animals with special needs. I first heard about Angel's Gate from my sister who had seen a segment on the Oprah show. Then last month Angel's Gate was our charity of the month through a group I'm affiliated with Etsy for Animals (EFA) and I made a small donation.

Angel's Gate replied with a sweet e-mail thanking me for my donation and attached was a photo of a recent member of their community - Toby. Toby is blind in both eyes, his eyes were removed due to a very bad infection, but he has a great disposition. You can see how sweet he is in the photo above, it just melts your heart.

It's this type of caring that first drew me to Angel's Gate. If you haven't had the chance to visit Angel's Gate website, please do. They care for many animals, not just dogs, but all animals in need.

HAPPY 4th of July everyone. Keep your pets safe and away from those firecrackers. And if they're scared of firecrackers make sure you have them in the house or if out walking safely on a leash so they don't get away from you!


Matt said...

I wrote an article a while back about the growth of pet hospice places. It's great for our furry friends and a way to spend a few more days or weeks with our pets.

mvegan said...

Thank you for this beautiful posting, and for helping animals, Angel's Gate, and EFA ;0) This will be linked in our blog's publicity section soon,

FrumsGlass said...

Thank you for spot lighting Angel's Gate.

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