Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cabin Cuddlers

I just came across this new product called the Cabin Cuddler. I love this idea -- not only are they great for work and travel, but for me, what I would use this for is going to a football game. Yes, folks here in Chicago it’s cold -- real cold, I mean freezing cold at times especially during a game. And what better way to keep warm then to use one of these cuddlers. They look like they’d keep me toasty warm all over, down to my toes and not only that they are easy to carry to the games since we usually have our hands full with purse, binoculars, radio and team paraphernalia, so this would be wonderful and so easy to carry because you can fold it up into a tote. All this talk makes me want to go to their website, purchase one and wish for winter to get here so I can go see a game, now who doesn’t love a good football game in Chicago?

I would also love this for travel. My husband works for the airlines and we fly for free, so our family tends to fly at the spur of the moment and it would be great to have this wonderful cuddler for traveling. It is not only a warm blanket, but it has an inflatable pillow that inflates easily. The pillow is a big plus for me because I have a phobia of germs. And not only is it almost impossible to find a pillow on the plane, you never know where it’s been, how old it is and if its ever been cleaned, yuck -- so this way I get to have my own pillow with my own germs and that I can live with.

So between football and travel, I can’t think of a better companion to take along then the Cabin Cuddler, oh, besides the husband, of course.

Sponsored by Cabin Cuddler


Saint Lover said...

i like that idea alot! perfect of spring and fall sports here in Ohio.

Marlaine said...

I hope they are paying you a commission for "selling" their product! Sounds like something that would be handy to own!

rkdsign88 said...

Thanks for sharing the info Nan, very important for people who live in cold climate.

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