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Interview with jenrosesgrest

I would like to introduce everyone to Jennifer of the Etsy sthop jenrosesgrest. Jennifer is a fellow Etsy member and a member of Dogs and Art Flicker Group. She has a love for all animals and her artwork reflects that, it is done in bright, beautiful and bold colors with very a sweet style to it.

I hope you'll find her story as inspiring as I do. I have to give Jen props for caring for of all those critters -- I know how much responsibility that goes into caring for one dog so I can imagine the dedication that goes into caring for all Jen's animals. It's a wonderful thing to have angels on earth like Jen who care for so many of our animal friends! I do hope you'll read on and get to know Jen a bit and take a peek at some of her wonderful artwork.

1) Tell us your name. Jennifer Rose-Segrest

2)How many dogs do you have, the name of your dog/s and how old are they? Okay, this is going to be quite the list - five Basset Hounds
Cooter-8 years
Lulu-7 years
Blue-4 years
Lili-4 Years
Popeye- 4 years

Mini Dauchsaund- Tiny- 2 years
Black Lab-Belle- 8 years
Lab-heeler mix-leyla- 7 years
Terrier mix-JoJo-3 years
Terrier mix-Notso-3 years
Terrier Mix-Slick-3 years

Rott Mix-Gypsy-6 years
???Mix-Lucy-7 years
???Mix-Stella-7 years

lab/shepard/ mix, Hank-2 years

The Dingo Fam(4)
a lil of this a lil of that mix-
dingo 1-2 years
dingo 2- 2 years
Squirrley-2 years
Sally Dingo-2 years

shepard mix- Sally-3.5 years

Pitbull/Boxer Mix- Sister- 3 years?
Pitbull/Boxer Mix- Mother-3 years?

3) What breed of dog do you have? LOL, we have Basset Hounds, a mini weinie, a lab and a wide variety of mixes.

4) How long have you had your dog/s and how did they come to be your dog? Cooter and Lulu are the two dogs we have had the longest. We purchased them, a year apart from each other, while we lived in Austin. They moved down to Brownsville with us and then (bows head down in shame) Lulu got pregnant and had 13 pups. She was birthing pups for about 12 hours, it was a long, long long night. We will never put her through that again and we have learned our lesson. We are now very firm supporters of spaying and neutering our pets. Through the pregnancy we gained Blue,Popeye and Lili. We went through great lengths to make sure we found adequate homes for the rest of the lil pups.

Tiny came later, my husband's grandfather gave him to us. He is a cutie and a sweetie. The rest of our family are all rescues in some shape or form. For example, we found Mother and Sister dog abandoned on the side of a road, Mother was pregnant so we are assuming that is why they were abandoned. Not long after having adopted these two girls, mother had 12 pups. The dingos are the remaining pups from this litter, we managed to place most of the pups. The dingos are a crew of sweethearts, they are all spayed and run happily through our property.

Some of our other children are walk-ons. Hank and Gypsy are both walk-ons to our home. As great as it is to have as many dogs as we do, it is a big responsibility and a full time job in itself. We have to rotate dogs from free running to kennels, and then there are dogs who get along with some dogs and not others etc, etc. Then we have some dogs who freak out when it is going to rain so we have to take special care of them during these times(Belle our black lab is notorious for predicting the weather). We also make sure that all our dogs are spayed, nuetered, and vaccinated.

5) Do you find that you've come to favor a certain breed of dog and if so, what are their unique characteristics that you've found to be so wonderful?Basset Hounds, they are just so sweet and loyal. Their eyes are so soulful. They are stubborn but so smart. Lulu our matriarch is so sweet and gets along well with all of our other pets.

6) Are there any other pets in the home other than dogs?we have two cats, Bullet and Bill (both are tabbies.) There are also some goats on the land and Jack our pot bellied pig.

7) What kind of art do you create, i.e., paintings, plushies, photography, sculpture? I paint, sculpt, draw etc. I normally use prints of my drawings and paintings for cards, pendants, magnets, etc.

8) Is your main focus on dog art and if so, what made you choose the dog as your main subject for creating this type of art?My sculpture work and painting focuses more on dogs. Most of my sculpture works focuses on animal rights specifically those of dogs. Spaying and neutering and stray pet overpopulation are key in my work.

9) Do you create or make any other type of art/craft that's not dog related?Yes, i have a lil line of whimsical animal renditions that I have come to call Jen-I-Mals.
Notecards Diego the Purple Burro

10) If you sell your artwork, where can we find your pieces for sale? - My Blog

Thank you so much, Jen, for doing the interview.

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Saint Lover said...

how absolutely darling!

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Afghan Hound Cameo
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Greyhound in Profile Etched Pendant
Greyhound in Profile Etched Pendant


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