Friday, July 18, 2008

Haley's Handmades

Poodle with Pearl Earring

I would like to introduce everyone to Haley of Haley's Handmades. Haley makes some wonderful handmade cards and her themes are so creative. She designs her cards, which are based on famous works art and incorporates her beloved poodles (I believe Sunny is her muse) . I hope you'll stay for a moment and get to know Haley, her pets and her vibrant and innovative works of art. They will definitely put a smile on your face.

1) Tell us your name. How many dogs do you have, the name of your dog/s and how old are they? My name is Haley A. Ping. I have one dog named Sunny. He'll be 2 years in November.

2) What breed of dog do you have? Standard Poodle.

3) How long have you had your dog and how did they come to be your dog? I've had Sunny since February. We were looking for a standard poodle for about a year before that wasn't a puppy, local, and not outrageously expensive.

4) Do you find that you've come to favor a certain breed of dog and if so, what are their unique characteristics that you've found to be so wonderful? I love standard poodles because they are intelligent, athletic, and great companions. They are dogs who love people and want to be with them.

5) Any favorite stories you'd like to share with us about about your dog? When we first brought Sunny home, he saw his reflection in the mirror and barked at this "other dog." He then realized that the reflection was himself because the other didn't make any noise when he barked!

6) Are there any other pets in the home other than dogs? We have a cat named Mollie. She apparently has unusual coloring with her red classic tabby pattern.

7) What kind of art do you create, i.e., paintings, plushies, photography, sculpture? I create mostly greeting cards and other paper products, but I made a yellow kitty plushie recently.

8) Is your main focus on dog art and if so, what made you choose the dog as your main subject for creating this type of art? My theme is poodles in famous art. It came about because I had to find an art theme in college. I liked it so much it stuck.

9) Do you create or make anything other type of art/craft that's not dog related? The other half of my business is to make invitations and do calligraphy.

10) If you sell your artwork, where can we find your pieces for sale? You can buy my art on my website, or on Etsy at, the AKC Museum of the Dog (St. Louis), A Floral Gallery (Clayton, MO), and various craft fairs and other events in the St. Louis area.

Poodle Grande Odalisque

Thanks so much Haley for the interview!

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The Lone Beader said...

Hello! Love your blog. I love dogs, too! Made a few beaded ones awhile back. And, no one knows it yet, but the current piece I'm working on will include a dog once again! :D

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Afghan Hound Cameo
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